Results Driven.
Client Focused.

Marketing and Business Consulting experts since 1995.

Our clients have always been at the forefront of every action we take. With that in mind, our goal revolves around implementing effective strategies that achieve our clients’ short-term and long-term business objectives. After more than 25 years, we’re continually building our knowledge and expertise--driving results to keep our clients on the Path to Success.


Short & Sweet

25 Years Strong

Just as passionate as the day we started - but equipped with a larger database of knowledge and experience.

Relationship Building

Clients are more than just clients - they’re OUR people. We develop relationships that go beyond a professional connection.

All Hands-On-Deck Approach

From feet on the street and referral building to planning educational programs, we garner the capability to accomplish every need a client requires.

Chicago Expertise, Suburb Approach

Armed with a team of genuine and likable people, paired with a big-city level skill set

Results Driven

Our JPB Process identifies the wants and needs of our clients - providing comprehensive strategies to achieve success.

Our Teammates.
Your Team.

JPB adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of Marketing Consulting. Our constant? Our teammates! The JPB team has worked together for well over 25 years. Our passion is what drives us, and our loyalty is unmatched.

Judy Beller


Judy firmly believes that sales and marketing is an integral building block of any successful business. Starting her career in medical sales allowed her the ability to perfect those skills, while providing her the business acumen, vision and instinct to create JPB Medical Marketing Solutions. As a mom to four young children at the time, Judy wanted to make sure she was there at every step throughout her kids’ milestones, while still having the ability to work. With the full support of her husband behind her, she took the plunge and created JPB. This not only provided her the flexibility to be a Mom, the most important job, but also a well-respected Business Professional.

Her high energy and curious nature enables her to develop and foster long-standing, productive relationships. Judy has a deep passion for giving back and encompasses the mindset of “whatever it takes to get the job done,” while continuously showing results.

Judy's strong work ethic, high level of integrity, and positive attitude shows in both her professional and personal life. Both Judy and her husband contribute to numerous charitable causes. She is the Founder of The Helen Beller Foundation, a 501c3 organization in support of Cancer Research. She has also served as a past Board Member for Global Spine Outreach, a non-for-profit organization that provides children suffering from spinal deformities with life-altering medical treatment, at no cost to the patient or their families.

Judy's biggest support comes from her family, inclusive of her husband Mike and four children. In her free time, you can find her working out, cooking, traveling, or enjoying a well-deserved glass (or two) of fine wine.

Arianna Beller

Marketing Coordinator

Arianna has always had a knack for creativity. It all started as a child, eagerly watching Pappyland every Saturday morning. Throughout the years, her creative eye was fostered through artistic babysitters and various art classes taken at school. Fast forward to college prospecting and trying to figure out what she wanted to do for her potential future career. In the wise words of her parents, Mike and Judy, “You will not be going to a private college to pursue an art degree.” At her parents’ request, Arianna ended up choosing Loyola University Chicago as her Alma Mater, and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing (with a minor in Studio Art). She flourished in the business program and realized that her creativity, paired with her business acumen, would help her find success in her future jobs.

Arianna had been working part-time throughout the years at JPB while she completed high school and college. Post-graduation, she officially joined JPB full-time, and since then, Judy and Arianna have been an unstoppable mother-daughter duo. Their ability to connect and build relationships with people has made them familiar faces within the medical marketing industry. Additionally, Arianna is able to utilize her creative eye to design JPB proposals, email campaigns, and various marketing collateral.

In her free time, Arianna’s passion lies within the fitness industry. She is currently studying to obtain her Nutrition Certification (NC) to pair alongside her Certified Personal Training (CPT). In addition to working out and training friends and family, Arianna enjoys cooking up healthy recipes, reading a good book, getting a good sun-kissed tan, and spending time with her two real loves, German Shepherd Harley, and Shiba Inu Rocky.

Sue Lavigne

Marketing Associate

As a former Marketing Director, Business Development and Customer Service Trainer and Manager, Sue brings over 25 years of experience to JPB. In her role as Marketing Associate, Sue is responsible for all CE Accreditation, as well as all aspects of coordination and follow-up for educational programs and events.

JPB emphasizes relationship building and networking above all else, because that is exactly how Sue and Judy came to know one another over 14 years ago. A mutual friend recommended that Sue and Judy meet, and from the moment they met, they developed a strong connection and deep friendship. In addition to her vast skillset, Sue is also a professional Judy Beller Mindreader, knowing exactly what Judy thinks, even before the thought is finished.

Sue’s experience in medical marketing and customer service provides meaningful expertise and value for JPB clients. In her spare time, Sue is an avid shopper and home decorator. She also enjoys spending time with her dog and husband (in that order), playing a round of golf, and swimming. She is also famous for her Buttercream Chocolate Cake (if you’ve been lucky enough to try it, you know). Sue’s one and only grudge was born once she realized the butter she used as a prime element in her frosting had changed its ingredients, forever altering her original recipe.

Alexandra Beller

Marketing Liason

Alexandra strongly believes that creativity and organization go hand-in hand. Unlike her sister’s creativity from art, Alexandra’s was fostered from the beauty and fashion industry. There is an innate level of organization, precision, and creativity that goes into putting together an outfit for any silhouette, or putting together a makeup look that accentuates any skin tone or face shape. Fashion and beauty are both forms of creative expression that require no words, which is something that Alexandra could relate to.

Branching outside of her comfort zone, Alexandra decided to attend Bradley University, without knowing a single person that enrolled. Choosing to major in Retail Merchandising with a minor concentration in Social Media Marketing was the perfect balance between creativity and organization. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic crisis that began early March 2020, Alexandra’s college experience came to a halt. She had to adapt and overcome adversities – she did just that by graduating with Magna Cum Laude Honors.

Officially joining the JPB team, Alexandra brings her own fresh take on marketing, customer service, networking, and social media management. She’s looking forward to growing the business and pursing new opportunities.

In her spare time, Alexandra loves to bake for her loved ones (if you haven’t had homemade loukomades or fresh baked cookies out of the oven, Alexandra is your go-to girl).

Harley and Rocky

Junior Barketing Executives

Bark, bark bark bark...bark. Bark bark bark bark bark bark!

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