Digital Marketing for Lawyers.

JPB has recently expanded our services to include Legal Marketing.

We advise our legal clients on several digital marketing strategies. The best digital marketing strategies for legal practices include: PPC advertising, content creation, search engine optimization, local SEO, organic search, backlink creation, and social media management.

JPB creates an initial assessment of each clients’ goals to determine a customized plan best suited for their respective law firm. Our legal marketing team will then arrange a course of action to reach your marketing goals.

What is Legal Marketing?

Legal marketing is the practice of helping law firms to increase their number of contacts, increase the amount of potential leads, and ultimately increase their revenue. Our business consulting team are experts at helping guide your marketing efforts to gain client referrals through a variety of innovative and customized strategies.

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers.

SEO for lawyers is the practice of optimizing your online content to make yourself more visible to people searching organically online for attorneys. By using specific techniques and methods, you can increase the visibility of your website. You can become more visible in search engine results, local maps, directories, and a number of other platforms. Your successes can be measured by the amount of organic visitors that come to your website.

What is Attorney SEO?

Attorney Search Engine Optimization includes different tactics that will bring more organic visitors to a firm’s website by increasing their ranking in search engines. Firms that are found on the first page of Google will see a significant boost in traffic compared to those on subsequent pages.

For those people that are searching for law firms, Google is, by far, their first stop. Other methods of recommendation such as word of mouth and social media play a role, but online searches are dominant in the research area.

Search Engine Optimization has multiple benefits. High quality content is one of the most important aspects of utilizing SEO. This content must be targeted to address the needs of your visitors. Not only will original content increase your webpage’s rank in search engine results, it will also lead to an increase in link building. With our professional writing team, we will help to create original content and maximize your overall marketing strategy.

Backlink Creation.

Law firm link building is an important practice in today’s SEO. Websites that draw organic visitors are most often the ones that have the highest quality content and the best links. Two of the top factors in Google’s algorithm are content and links. If you are spending your resources on content alone, you may be spinning your wheels in a competitive landscape such as legal SEO.

Backlinks are one of the strongest ways to provide authority for your legal website. Both the amount of backlinks that your website has and the quality of the links themselves are important. For example, a link from a large news site or university will hold more value than links from a local butcher shop. Quality and quantity of backlinks are essential in the SEO process. The more authority your site has, the higher it will rank in the search engines.

Paid Search for Lawyers.

Facebook Targeting for Attorneys.

A Facebook ad campaign will work in conjunction with your other marketing avenues such as your website, Google PPC campaign, SEO, Local SEO, and your Backlink Creation. You will need to begin with a Facebook page that will be attractive to potential clients and will draw interest to your firm. Using this Facebook page will allow you to demonstrate:

  • Legal content such as posts and videos that your firm has created.
  • List events that will be coming.
  • Demonstrate reliability and credibility from your results.
  • Interact with your target audience with questions and ideas.
  • Use Facebook messenger service to communicate.
  • Community building.

Google Ads for Attorneys.

One of the best tools you can utilize in order to draw traffic into your website is via original content. This content will increase exposure to your practice in addition to ranking your website higher on Google Search Engine. Google Ads are an additional tool your practice can pair with original content. Implementation of Google Ads will allow your web page to be listed near the top of the Google search results when consumers are searching for something relevant to your legal practice.

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