Digital Marketing for Physicians.

JPB has worked with hundreds of private medical practices in the Chicagoland area for over 25 years.

There are numerous digital marketing platforms in which we can consult the practice on. The best marketing strategies are inclusive of but not limited to: advertising, content creation, SEO optimization, local SEO, organic search, social media management, and practice rebranding. JPB will make an assessment of each clients’ goals to determine a customized plan best suited for their respective medical practices.

The JPB Process.

We begin by identifying your medical practices’ priorities, goals, and expectations. This is done by conducting a complete analysis of your current and previous models. From there, our team reviews which strategies worked effectively for your practice and which ones may need adjustments or elimination. We use the data collected to determine where the focus should be placed and which approach to undertake when working to achieve your company’s goals. Once we have a clear understanding of the direction of your practice and its individual strengths, we use a customized approach to provide solutions. Listed to the right are a few examples of developing a successful medical marketing strategy.

Practice Building Approach.

Lead Generation Process.

Implementation of Referral Tracking Systems.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

Website Content.

Website content is extremely valuable; original quality content will drive up your search engine result page, ranking higher amongst your competitors. This will allow for potential clients to find your practice more easily when searching online. With our professional writing team, we will help curate original content and maximize your overall marketing strategy.

Landing Pages.

After securing your SEO and obtaining content, the next steps involve the creation of an effective landing page. A landing page is a web page that consumers will be directed to when they click on your link from the Google search results. In order to be the most effective, a landing page should be both informative and aesthetically pleasing to yield the best results. A landing page will have the information that the visitor expects to find and will direct them on what they need to do next. JPB has created hundreds of landing pages for a variety of medical practices and can assist with the development of new landing pages customized to your practice.

What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing is the practice of helping healthcare systems and medical groups to raise their number of contacts, increase their number of patients, and ultimately increase their revenue. Our business consulting team are experts at helping guide your marketing efforts to gain patient referrals, through a variety of innovative, customized strategies.

Top Digital Marketing Components for Physicians.

Local SEO.

Local SEO will allow for you to be found on Google Maps and appear higher in search results. In order for any medical practice to be found, they must have completed local SEO.

Consumers are relying on Google to provide them with search results on medical practices located closest to their geographic proximity. JPB will implement a plan to enhance your practice with local SEO, increasing visibility and driving traffic to your website.

Google Ads.

One of the best tools you can utilize in order to draw traffic into your website is via original content. This content will increase exposure to your practice in addition to ranking your website higher on Google Search Engine. Google Ads are an additional tool your practice can pair with original content. Implementation of Google Ads will allow your web page to be listed near the top of the Google search results when consumers are searching for something relevant to your medical practice.

Backlink Creation.

Backlinks are one of the strongest ways to provide authority for your website. Both the amount of backlinks that your website has and the quality of the links themselves are important. For example, a link from a large news site or university will hold more value than links from Joe's butcher shop and haircuts down the street. Quality and quantity of backlinks are essential in the SEO process. The more authority your site has, the higher it will rank in the search engines.

Medical Education Programs.

Develop and Organize Medical Education Programs

JPB has developed medical education programs for a number of years. We have organized over 500 continuing education programs with an average retention of 98%. These programs are a great way for us to help your practice grow and expand. We are able to network your practice amongst hundreds of others to find perfect matches and avenues for growth.

We are able to plan and execute on all of the details and insure that these programs go off flawlessly. These programs host all types of professionals within the industry for a single event. JPB offers a variety of accredited programs. For additional details, contact us.

Marketing Consulting

JPB has been working in the medical marketing field for decades and has become one of the most respected business consulting firms in the Chicagoland area. Our niche is within the medical marketing arena, with an emphasis on Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractics. Our business consultants use a multi-tiered approach when addressing the needs of our clients. Growing your practice is our number one goal and we have executed this successfully for a great number of our clients. We have a proven track record. Our customized, hands-on approach has increased practice growth by 20% for over 200 physicians within a 3-5 year timeframe. We have a unique niche in the workman's compensation arena as well as the personal injury arena. JPB has a vast network that spans across the insurance, TPA (third party administrator), legal, medical, and employer industry.

Our business consulting team has a unique understanding of these specialties and works diligently with the practices to achieve the best results possible.

Business Development

JPB has worked with hundreds of practices and spent countless hours supporting medical practices. Our clients work with us on average 3-5 years, which is 225% longer than the average for medical practices. They do so because we are Results Driven.

Medical Practice Liaison

A service that we have found to be most effective has been to represent the medical practice in the capacity of a medical liaison. Our business development management team will support your practice by navigating the complexities of the referral process. We will make appropriate recommendations on business and industry trends and identify how your practice can apply them for both your referral sources and revenue stream. By having a better understanding of industry movement, you can take advantage of newer technologies and data that can help your practice become even more successful.

Consistently acquiring new referral sources is necessary for growth. JPB can help your practice become more successful in this. We have worked with hundreds of medical professionals in the Chicagoland area for 25 years. We have the experience to help you find a new referral source.

We will search out and find new areas of business for your practice. New patient acquisition is one of our strengths and we can help your practice grow.

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